A Call to Lead is a Call to Serve

PERFECT and Just is the Creator of All! Out of His Perfection and Justice issued the Laws of Nature. Most certainly an inevitable product of these Laws is the Institution of Leadership.

Thus the origin of the Institution of Leadership lies inherently in the unalloyed Perfection and Justice of the Almighty Father. For this reason, there is no group of people on earth today that has never been sent an ideal leader, at the appropriate period of their development, leading and teaching them precisely according to their nature and spiritual maturity. From the pre-historic time, through Moses leading the Jewish people, Mohammed in Arabia, Zoroaster in Iran, Buddha, Krishna in India, Lao-Tse in China and Oduduwa among the Yorubas of Nigeria to the modern era, no group has ever been left without a true leader. Naturally these leaders could not but have epitomized that which is the ideal leadership; for they were called through the Will of the Almighty Father.

Ideal leaders cannot but be naturally equipped with the requisite abilities for their responsibility. No such imbalance can exist in the Will of the Almighty. Most often they possess; an uncanny foresight to see beyond what their people can see, a strong ability to read their people and see what they need for their spiritual and material development and thus guide them towards that which would benefit them spiritually and materially. By their nature they cannot but exhibit distinctive traits that accord with the Justice and Perfection of the Source. An unshakable loyalty, an uncommon sense of justice and balance woven with love, among others are one with their nature. For them, there is no sense of self, leadership is synonymous with service.

Thus all the ideal leaders, throughout the past eras knew of only one goal; to live in the service of their Creator, through selfless service to their people. They received guidance from the Most High and faithfully passed it on to their people. Never did they take their eyes off their singular goal and the anchorage of that which they are meant to anchor among their peoples. They truly lived for the course they were here to serve and they served in simplicity.

In the scheme of things, human beings often twist and distort some aspects of the teachings of ideal leaders after their departure, to suit themselves. But no matter what we do, some elements of their pure teachings would still be retained by their people; for there would be some among them who would strongly perceive the uniqueness of their personalities and their gentle guidance. Such people cannot but long to hold on to the teachings and pass them on.

Oppression and exploitative control of the people are never the traits of true leadership. Most often a truly called leader naturally senses that his people are strangely drawn to him and instinctively look up to him for guidance in matters of decision making. This cannot but be; for he epitomizes the ideal and an embodiment of humility and knowledge. But it would never occur to him to exploit this natural phenomenon for oppression and control. The immutability of the Divine Laws never permits such a thought to take root.

Exploitation, oppression, a raging ego, jealousy, wickedness among others are unmistakable, hallmark traits of an imposed leadership or a leader who has been entangled in the web of intoxicated power and sees himself as the source and executor of all power.

No more gloriously picture perfect example of an ideal leadership exist other than the one shown us by Jesus Christ; and no better time could it have been shown than during the Last Super as He did. He washed His disciples’ feet. He broke the bread and served the wine Himself. Thus He symbolically showed us that, though we call Him Lord, He was here in service.

Much as an ideal leader serves selflessly in love, there cannot but be the inevitable opposition and attack by the darkness; for wherever there is light, darkness lurks in the corner. Using his minions among the people, darkness would rise and oppose the work of enlightenment, development and ascent. A short trip through world history would confirm this for all. No true leader in the history of mankind has fared differently. There has never been one not attacked and opposed by the darkness. But a true leader still serves in love.

Of course, there is no better example of this than Jesus Christ. The attack on Him and His Divine core by the darkness was relentless from the beginning of His mission in the wilderness to the crucifixion on the cross in Golgotha. If this can happen to a Part of the Almighty on earth, what do we expect for leaders; who are human beings like us or beings originating from regions above man’s spiritual home and sent down here to guide us through our development?

But no matter how relentless the darkness is in its pursuit and opposition, a true leader would always guide and lead his people towards that which is noble and good and anchors such among them. A Truth Bringer would always anchor the Truth.

In the long run, Light always triumph over darkness, Goodness over evil.





A prolific writer based in the Big Apple. Author of 10 feature screenplays and many spirituality themed essays. An alumnus of New York Film Academy, NYC.

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Akin Famojuro

Akin Famojuro

A prolific writer based in the Big Apple. Author of 10 feature screenplays and many spirituality themed essays. An alumnus of New York Film Academy, NYC.

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